Hello there!

I'm Jennifer Parsons, but you can call me JP. I'm a team lead and engineering manager with over 14 years of engineering and leadership experience.

I love building teams that thrive and coaching others so they can grow their skills and talents.

My super power is taking ineffective processes, figuring out what's broken, then bringing folks along to help me make them better.

Jennifer Lyn Parsons

My strengths


I'm genuinely passionate about leading and growing teams, managing engineers, and empowering reports to all do their best work


I have 15 years of experience in full-stack web-based application development, with a focus on the frontend, unit and end-to-end testing, and accessibility


I'm committed to fostering clear communication with clients, team representatives, and across different practices


I thrive in the remote work environment and have led distributed teams across up to 6 timezones for over 10 years


I've cleared US Federal background investigations and completed basic cybersecurity and anti-terrorism training to work on government projects that require a high level of Public Trust