About Jennifer

I am a senior web developer from the beautiful, beloved state of New Jersey. I currently work for Lab Zero Innovations, a digital consultancy based in San Francisco, working in various front end technologies and building tools for Fortune 10 clients.

With over 9 years of professional web development experience and an additional decade of graphic design work under my belt, I have expertise in a wide variety of obscure and often obtuse technologies. This often comes in handy when I'm trying to learn new obscure and obtuse technologies.

My goal as a developer is to build tools that are useful, engaging, elegant and leave the world a better place than I found it. My personal projects such as selfcare.tech and the text-based game engine, Plastic, are all rooted in this core mission.

When not coding things, I run a small but vibrant publishing company, Luna Station Press, write essays on web development related topics and write stories that have nothing to do with web development.

Whatever downtime is left goes to video games, comics books, and making things out of wool and paper.

Sometimes I sleep.

Achievements Unlocked

  • Published 3 (soon to be 4) books
  • Played Carnegie Hall
  • Earned the Girl Scout Gold award
  • Created wool toys
  • Taught myself to knit and crochet
  • Hand-bound books
  • Designed album and book covers
  • Was a drum technician & assistant audio engineer
  • Building tools that are useful, engaging, and leave the world a little bit better than when I found it.