Guides & Curriculi

As I learn new skills, tools, and concepts I create a curriculum for myself, a way to track what I'm learning. Over time I've also found these lists useful to share with other developers. Here I've gathered my most curated lists. You can also find more on my Web Development Resources project.


The basics of CSS, featuring information on animation, preprocessors, along with flexbox and grid basics.

Coming soon...


Talks, resources and links to help you get up to speed on this vital aspect of web development. The web is already accessible, let's stop breaking it!


If you've been a web developer for a while, you might think you know this core language. But do you really?

General Frontend Engineering

A few talks, articles, and guides that can help make you a more fluent and effective frontend developer.

With more to follow!

  • Building tools that are useful, engaging, and leave the world a little bit better than when I found it.