Special Projects

Each of these projects highlight a different aspect of who I am as a person as well as a developer. From the technical to the human, I'm interested in all aspects of this vast and varied field.

I often find myself building tools that I could use myself. They also tend to be things that I hope will help other developers do their jobs in more healthy, efficient ways and with more joy.

Succinct Tools

A project to create a collection of simple, thoughtfully created, well-documented boilerplate projects for building web applications.


I often see developers ignoring their basic needs for rest and refreshment. I started this site to provide a central location to find links that will help us all take better care of ourselves.

Awesome Writing

An awesome list of information to help developers write better, kinder, more helpful documentation and learning materials.

The Lightning Bug Strategy

Inspired by the venerable and wonderful Oblique Strategies, this deck of cards provides 50 questions and related self care exercises to help us pause and think about the problem at hand in a new way.

Web Development Resources

These are the resources that I've found most useful over the years. They cover a wide range of topics I've studied while deepening my knowledge and developing my skills. The list is continually being refined and updated.

  • Building tools that are useful, engaging, and leave the world a little bit better than when I found it.