General Skills

  • Experienced software engineer
  • Talented team lead
  • Empathetic manager
  • Passionate Learner
  • Good Design Eye
  • Experienced Remote Worker


  • Empowering engineers to do their best work
  • Accessibility advocacy
  • User advocacy
  • Mentorship
  • Documentation
  • Humane Technology


Software engineer, team lead, and manager with over 14 years of experience, focused on frontend, accessibility and humane technology. My goal as an engineering manager is to empower those that report to me, enabling them to grow as technical experts and leaders.

Current Experience

Various Roles • Truss | November 2020 - Present

I lead and grow teams and manage engineers building full-stack web-based applications for clients in the civic and government spaces.

Team Lead & Engineering Manager | June 2022 - Present

Manager experience
  • Transformed a struggling cross-functional team of 12 into the highest functioning team at the company, meeting sprint goals consistently within 4 months of joining the team
  • Coached other teams through interpersonal challenges, helping them build trust which leading to process changes and stronger communication
  • Collaborated with Practice Lead to develop processes to improve communication across a 5-team project, creating a culture that reduced team siloing and encouraged knowledge and process sharing
  • Created a team culture of psychological safety that empowered all voices, leading to 2 engineers’ promotion to Senior roles
Team Lead experience
  • Empowered career development for 6 reports by targeting opportunities for growth and then tracking reports’ successes over time via check-ins with report’s team lead as well as 1:1 conversations and report’s self-documentation
  • Supported direct reports through challenging personal situations by crafting a triage plan in collaboration with the report that established expectations around communication, workload, and timelines. This enabled the reports to remain successful, engaged contributors for the duration of their crises.
  • Coached direct reports through PIP plans, including establishing a template for working agreements, creating a timeline for improvement in collaboration with practice leadership and HR, providing candid, clear feedback, and supporting the completion of goals to bring the reports in alignment with expectations
  • Worked with senior management, practice director, and HR to improve manager processes and expectations across the company by providing candid feedback, creating templates and tools for managers, and driving conversations and suggesting solutions around pain points.

Senior Software Engineer | March 2022 - June 2022

Software Engineer III | November 2020 - March 2022

  • Led feature work including discovery, writing user stories, coordinating with Product, Design, and Delivery as well as interfacing with clients
  • Mentored jr engineers, helping define knowledge gaps & develop projects to grow their skills
  • Helped the team to improve unit and end-to-end testing across the frontend
  • Presented internal talks on pair programming, mentoring, and other topics to 100+ colleagues

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief • Luna Station Press | January 2010 - Present

I am a hands-on leader for this award-winning publication

  • Hired and managed remote staff of over 15 editors including assigning story submissions, planning and running staff meetings, onboarding new editors, and writing documentation
  • Sourced and managed support tools for newsletters, social media and story submission management, leading to growth of readership and Patreon supporters
  • Handled all web development responsibilities for the magazine and submission websites
  • Created all cover designs, book layouts and digital editions for each quarterly publication

Previous Experience

Software Engineer • Lab Zero Innovations

July 2017 - November 2020

I worked on small Agile teams at this digital consultancy developing web-based applications for Fortune 10 clients.

  • Created applications in React with GraphQL and Typescript and Rails with Rspec, Cucumber, and Haml
  • Ensured full coverage end-to-end and unit testing.
  • Refined frontend custom CSS/Sass frameworks.
  • Improved UX and accessibility on client sites.
  • Presented technical talks on Accessibility and Xpath.

Senior Front-End Developer • Sooryen Technologies, Inc.

August 2014 - July 2017

At this consultancy, I implemented new workflows and technologies, improved team efficiency, mentored junior developers, and presented internal tech talks.

  • Senior Developer on mobile sites for the 1800Flowers brands, increasing conversion rates, maintaining and improving existing codebase, and implementing new features.
  • Architect and Tech Lead for Web Payments API and Google AMP implementation projects.
  • Tech Lead and Project Manager for Bloomreach partnership, serving top 100 ecommerce merchants, improving search and conversion.

Web Designer/Developer • Brimar Industries, Inc.

December 2010 - August 2014

I designed and built user interfaces for the company’s various e-commerce sites and blogs.

  • UI/UX design
  • HTML, CSS, JQuery and PHP
  • Cross-browser testing and debugging
  • HTML email design and development

Web Production Assistant • rayogram

June 2010 - December 2010

At this boutique web agency I assisted in all aspects of site development, from templates creation to photo preparation for government and commercial clients. This was a partly remote position.

  • Drupal template creation, module installation and configuration
  • CSS coding
  • PHP coding

NE Regional Production Studio Manager • Bernard Hodes Group

April 2005 - February 2009

In this position, I oversaw the North East Regional Print Production Studio, consisting of a small, dedicated team of production artists serving various sales reps across the region.

  • Hired, trained, and managed staff of production artists
  • Collaborated with various sales reps across the region to organize ad copy and observe publication deadlines
  • Produced highly detailed results on strict deadlines

Pre-Press Manager • The Princeton Packet, Inc.

August 1998 - March 2005

I was promoted from data entry up through Pre-Press Manager roles at this community newspaper group

  • Managed team of 7 production designers and pre-press personnel
  • Organized ad copy and production deadlines for 19 weekly publications
  • Maintained production equipment and developed new processes and techniques to adapt to emerging technologies